The Different Types and Forms of Astrology

When astrology comes to mind or thought processes immediately go towards the sun signs like Aries, Virgo, Leo, etc., or even the rising sign or your moon sign. Even if it is a great place to start, it is of importance, however, That the astrological science we believe so much in is only one aspect of an infinitesimally large astrological system where multiple forms of astrologers exist.

Experts state that there exist well over 80 branches of astrology, which encompass various aspects of practice, as well as a plethora of subsets of techniques within these aspects. Let us now discuss the major forms of astrology that exist within this universe.

Natal Astrology:

Natara astrology is what we know as mainstream astrology and are the most familiar with. It is essentially based off of our natal chart, Which tends to display the placements of most essential celestial bodies according to the moment you are born and the place you were born.

When one is looking at natal astrology, They are essentially looking at a chart which is considered to be a blueprint of their life. People look at it and wonder exactly what is the purpose of this natal chart. A person can, with the help of a natal chart, see their greatest strength, weaknesses, etc.

Talk to Astrologer, and they will tell you that live astrology is essentially a deep dive into the soul and is considered to be a great tool to improve one’s self-awareness. It essentially is all about a person, their identity, their key personality and traits, and what their future holds for them. Most commonly, the aspect that is most sought after is the sun sign in natal astrology. However, there still exist multiple different aspects within a person’s birth chart that tells us a lot about their personality and life path.

Electional astrology:

Ericsson astrology goes hand and hand with picking the perfect time for any event. This is also another reason why it is popularly referred to as event astrology. In this, The Astrologer tends to decide the most appropriate and auspicious time for whichever event is happening based on whatever is going on in the skies.

Normally, the services of electional astrology are hired to narrow down auspicious dates for events such as weddings or proposals. This branch of astrology can also help answer other important questions related to certain actions you may be taking, such as what is the best day to go for an interview?

Most of the time, electional astrology is used to find fortuitous dates for events like weddings. In such a situation, The Astrologer is most likely to suggest to not to get married during a retrograde by Venus. They could look at the moon, which rules emotions, and some other sources before deciding upon a better time to get hitched.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you wish to have the most accurate results within this branch of astrology, then it is advised to go to an Astrologer who specialises in this.

Medical astrology:

This is an ancient form of astrology that spans back millennia. This branch Associates with multiple body parts and diseases in accordance with the planets and the zodiac signs. According to this form of astrology, each and every zodiac sign happens to rule a body part, and a certain planet can affect certain organs.

Under this, a passage bus chart is taken into consideration, where different types of medical issues can surface, which they may have. For instance, the Zodiac symbol Leo rules over the heart, while the planet Mercury shows where the action is within the body, and the planet Mars displays the energy levels. Within this chart, if, for example, Mercury and mass are spotted next to each other within Leo, then the patient possibly has tachycardia.

Of course, while pursuing the astrological options for health care sound interesting, it is still of vital importance to regularly go and have a regular check-up with your health care provider as they are trained professionals who can provide you with more accurate results.

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