The Benefits of Printing Product Catalogs

A few years ago, some marketers dismissed printed product catalogs. They thought people were buying everything online and that records were outdated. But now, with the rise of email spam, phishing operations, and fake information on social media, consumers trust printed information more than ever. Here are reasons why you should continue to publish your product catalogs.


With definitive mail dates customer and source codes, catalogs are easy to track. It allows for the attribution of sales, which is essential for budget pressures. As customers flip through your product catalog pages, they connect with your brand and its offerings in a way that online and digital marketing can’t. The connection grows deeper the more they browse, establishing loyalty as they turn from page to page. Catalogs are portable and can be used anytime, anywhere, without needing a power source or special electronics. With a focused product selection, your catalog saves time from searching online and in-store.

Catalogs are a great tool for field sales teams and can be distributed locally. However, updating large catalogs with new products and information can be costly and time-consuming. Managing product data can also be challenging when multiple departments collect the information for each distribution channel. Partnering with a catalog printing company allows you to showcase your best sellers with high-quality photos, accurate descriptions and a clear display of price and shipping information.

Increased Sales

Printing product catalogs allow you to showcase all your products and services in one place. A well-written, accurate description of each product can persuade buyers to buy your offerings. It can also save you time and money as your salespeople no longer have to spend so much time rummaging through spreadsheets for product details that may be outdated or inaccurate.

When your product information is centralized through PIM before printing catalogs, you can guarantee that every internal team and external partner has the same accurate data. It reduces the amount of back and forth and eliminates misinformation that could lead to returns, customer dissatisfaction or even a brand disaster.

Printed catalogs can be used in many ways, including handouts, mailings, press kits, etc. They are highly effective and can help initiate word-of-mouth marketing. They also make great companion pieces for e-commerce sites, mobile apps and other digital channels. Paper and pixels converge to create engaging interactive experiences that drive consumers to your website, app or social media channel.

Increased Brand Awareness

Product catalogs are a powerful branding tool that can help companies stand apart from their competitors. The finest ones incorporate professional-grade images of objects in use and aesthetically appealing flat lays. The brand’s logo and website address often accompany these to encourage sales further. They can be included with mailings or left in strategic locations around town, and the impression they make lasts longer than the typical 15 minutes of online engagement that most digital marketing campaigns enjoy.

By leveraging data and using the knowledge of who their audience is, companies can create catalogs that resonate with consumers. In addition, using codes to track attribution helps marketers demonstrate a return on investment. In a world where efficiency is valued above all else, print catalogs are an opportunity to slow down and engage with a product in physical form. This type of experience is something that younger, more jaded buyers seek for genuine connection and brand identity. As a result, they’re more likely to reach for printed product catalogs in their search for meaning.

Increased Reputation

A printed product catalog is a great way to showcase your brand and its products. It helps to increase your brand reputation as well as sales. Customers can refer to your catalog for answers if they have any questions. Having a product catalog can also help to build customer loyalty. Customers who use your products will share the catalog with their friends and family, which can lead to new customers for your business. A well-designed catalog can create a strong impression of your company as a reputable, established brand. Even younger, more jaded consumers are attracted to the sincere connection they can make with brands through effective content and storytelling.

With the rise of personalization, it is important to customize your product catalogs as much as possible. You can design a catalog connecting with the data you collected on your target audience. For example, you can create a different catalog for each age group or location. You can also create a customized catalog for each product you sell, such as clothing or furniture.

Increased Visibility

One of the most significant advantages of publishing product catalogs is increased visibility for your products. Potential consumers can easily browse through your products, and the information provided will be comprehensive and organized, inspiring trust and confidence. Since catalogs are delivered directly to the homes of your potential customers, they can be a great physical reminder of your brand and its services. Consumers tend to keep catalogs for a long time, which gives you a chance to reach out to them repeatedly, even after they have purchased your products.

You can increase your business’s sales and profitability with the right approach to your product catalog printing. Be sure to include important information that answers your buyers’ questions, and make sure that your best-sellers are prominently displayed in the first few pages of the catalog to increase your chances of generating sales. For a seamless integration of your data, consider working with a PIM software that can deduplicate contact information and sync it to your online customer database.

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