Net::err_cert_common_name_invalid is an error that can occur when visiting a website. It is the result of a problem with the website’s SSL certificate or a problem with the name of the website itself. This error can be annoying and can prevent access to the website, so it’s important to know what it is and how to fix it.

What is Net::err_cert_common_name_invalid?

Net::err_cert_common_name_invalid is an error that can occur when attempting to access a website. It is the result of a problem with the website’s SSL certificate or a problem with the name of the website itself. It is an error code that is generated by the web browser to indicate that the website is not secure and the user should not proceed.

Understanding Net::err_cert_common_name_invalid

Net::err_cert_common_name_invalid occurs when the website’s SSL certificate does not match the domain name of the website. This is because the SSL certificate is issued for a specific domain name, and if the domain name does not match the certificate, the browser will display this error.

In addition, this error can also occur if the website is using an outdated SSL certificate or if the certificate is not properly configured. In this case, the website will need to update its SSL certificate or reconfigure it properly in order to fix the issue.

Another potential cause of this error is if the website is using a self-signed SSL certificate. Self-signed certificates are not trusted by web browsers and will always result in this error.

Net::err_cert_common_name_invalid is an error that can be frustrating, but it is usually easy to fix. By understanding the cause of the error and taking the necessary steps to address it, the issue can be resolved quickly and the website can be accessed without any further problems.

When visiting an Internet website, one might experience an error message that reads “Net::err_cert_common_name_invalid”. This error occurs when a website’s certificate contains a common name that does not match the current address entered into the web browser.

A “common name” is a field within an Internet website’s security certificate. The common name is the officially registered name of a web site or domain. The certificate is issued and verified by a third-party Certificate Authority to ensure that the web address corresponds to the website and domain name displayed on the certificate. When the common name does not match the address, visitors will experience an error message, due to a mismatch between the URL address entered and the common name stored in the security certificate.

Common name errors can occur for a variety of reasons; for example, if a person is using a domain that does not match the original domain used to generate the certificate, or when the domain name is linked to various subdomains such as,,,, etc., the certificate might correctly identify only the base domain ( and not the other subdomains, resulting in an error.

To fix Net::err_cert_common_name_invalid errors, the most basic solution is to update the address bar of the web browser to match the name on the certificate. This can usually be done easily by removing any extra text after the domain name, such as “/filenames” or “/files”. Additionally, some websites now support a “wildcard” in their certificate, which means all subdomains will be accepted without the need for an extra certificate.

In some cases, a “self-signed” certificate might be causing the error message. Self-signed certificates are not issued by the Certificate Authority, so they must be manually added to the web browser in order to access the website.

If the issue is not resolved, then it is recommended to reach out to the website’s owner or webmaster to have them renew their certificate and/or add a wildcard domain.

Understanding what Net::err_cert_common_name_invalid means and how to fix the issue can quickly and easily restore access to the desired website.

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