Harmony in the Soul: How to Find It? 7 Steps to Balance Inside Ourselves

The world is the nature around us, filled with different elements… But the world is also our Self, Us. We shape this world, influence it. The world is our soul, our being. To fully understand its wisdom and become truly happy, we must take time for ourselves and our own subconscious. Let’s talk about how to find harmony within ourselves.

How to Find Harmony

Let’s say right away that these methods cannot be suitable for everyone. There are many different nuances. The effectiveness of these methods may depend on the following factors:

  • Your inner world.
  • Your experience, i.e. whether you have taken care of your balance and harmony before, or whether you are starting to do it only now.
  • From adhering to certain recommendations, such as: “More sleep, less stress.”
  • Whether you are in a compulsive situation in which you need to do something to restore harmony of mind, for example, between work and health.
  • On what kind of balance has been lost, that is, on how deep the “deviation” you want to restore, what the situation looks like, and what exactly you would like to change.
  • Motivation is an important factor.

It’s also important to remember that in a case like this, there are no immediate results, you will have to be patient, and this is often the hardest part. Many people are looking for some kind of “magic wand” to change the situation overnight, but it doesn’t work that way. A person is a complex organism; it’s body, soul, mind, and heart. And all of these parts are intimately connected. If something happens to one part, it sets off a chain reaction that affects all the others.

7 Steps to Finding Harmony in the Soul

The first step that you will need to take in order to find harmony within yourself, and without which you cannot move forward, is calmness.

Another important element to consider is integrity. Sometimes when we lose our balance on the physical level (fall into apathy, don’t want to move on, lose the desire to do anything at all), it affects all of our components: emotions and soul.

There are four components that make a person human:

  • The physical component, our body.
  • The mental component, the mind.
  • Emotions.
  • Spirituality.

Only when all these elements are functioning well does a person achieve harmony and balance within himself. To achieve the lost balance, we must affect all levels simultaneously.

No. 1: Physical

Take care of your body, do something good for yourself. Not a bad thing to do:

  • A walk in the sun.
  • Any kind of movement (jogging, swimming).
  • Other options.

Sometimes a simple walk yields good results. Some people have begun to feel better after taking walks and observing nature. But that doesn’t work for everyone; some people need something more energetic: intense running or martial arts.

In short, we need to start treating ourselves like a little child, whom we want to take care of and pamper.

No. 2: Mind

The best way to take care of the mind is through meditation. This is a complex subject that will have to be delved into. It’s important to understand how our mind functions, what laws it obeys, and how we can work with it.

What happens is that people give themselves over completely to meditation. They do it from 4 in the morning until 9 p.m., in total silence, without being able to read books, without being able to write, watch movies, or listen to music. And they get zero results.

Listen to yourself, to have a kind of dialogue with your mind. Through this kind of experience, you can get to know your mind, “tame” it. Because if you don’t do that, it starts to control you completely and makes your ego grow. In such a state, it’s difficult to hear your intuition and inner voice.

At the beginning, working with the mind is time-consuming and requires regularity and persistence, but shows brilliant results. Often, harmony in the soul is absent precisely because of problems at this level of the person, so it’s important to control and regulate it. This is, you could say, the central control unit of the person. And you need to learn how to work with it. 

After all, it’s the mind that transports us into a past that cannot be changed, or a future that doesn’t yet exist, and thus prevents us from being in the present.

No. 3: Emotions

Emotions are an important guide, they let us know what we should pay attention to first. Take a closer look at them. Here, too, there are many methods for managing them.

There are positive and negative emotions, but both are important. For example, there is a good old method, it’s difficult, but effective. You can call it “only for the brave”.

It’s about experiencing negative emotions. Conquer them without any “anesthesia” Don’t run away from them. It will hurt at first, a lot. Then the feeling will diminish, and then finally disappear altogether.

Accepting what you feel gives you a sense of inner consistency. For example, if you feel sad, feel it for real, don’t pretend that everything is okay, don’t cover it up with an artificial smile, but don’t push that feeling deep into your soul either.

Just accept the emotion without fear that it will hurt. Pain and sadness are as natural as laughter. You don’t have to run away from them. And that’s hard, because in today’s world, we do everything we can to avoid feeling negative emotions. But no one says that finding harmony in the soul is easy.

Sometimes it’s worth consciously allowing yourself to experience pain because it’s natural and everything has a reason.

Often people pretend that nothing is going on, but deep down they are suffering. They smile and at the same time tremble with fear. This behavior destroys inner balance and harmony because we lose energy to maintain the external and illusory, wasting it in creating and wearing masks.

It would be much better if you didn’t pretend. Being yourself is the easiest way to maintain balance in life. On the other hand, losing your balance is the situation in which it’s easiest to recognize yourself and your needs.

No. 4: Soul

It may be worthwhile to start looking for your mission, your passion, your soul’s calling. And maybe it’s worth following that inner desire, despite the logical evaluation of the mind.

The simple words, “I feel in paradise” may well be true. We create both heaven and hell for ourselves. And so it’s worth taking care of your own paradise on earth, just to create it in your life. It’s hard to do, it’s long, but it’s definitely possible.

Many people think that this is a luxury, that only rich people can live like this. But it’s far from that. Some of them also put a lot of knowledge, work, perseverance and, of course, passion into building their paradise. After all, not everything can be measured in terms of money.

Finding your own calling is a lifelong task. The task is incredibly difficult. But there are some exercises that can help. To begin with, you have to ask yourself questions:

  • Why am I doing what I am doing?
  • Why am I doing it?
  • What is the meaning of it for me?
  • What is most important to me?
  • What should I focus on in my life?

Write down the versions of the answers and put them aside. But keep collecting the answers further, over and over again. In time, the truth will begin to show.

Sometimes it happens that the first time we ask ourselves similar questions, we think long and hard about the answers. We think it through thoroughly in our heads and only then write it down. With each subsequent time, it takes less and less time to answer, but in the end it turns out that the most important thing was written much later.

And we begin to notice that there is no balance between thoughts and actions. We want one thing, but we do something else entirely. For example, we want to play at an online live casino, but read a boring book instead. And realizing this is the first step toward harmony within ourselves.

Life is something like spring cleaning. It lasts much longer than the usual tidying up, and requires more effort. However, in the course of it, some decisions are made:

  • What to get rid of.
  • What should be out of sight, so that it does not get in the way.
  • What to rearrange.

All this leads to certain actions, but then it becomes cleaner, more comfortable, and easier to breathe.

No. 5: Space Around You

Take care of the space around you.

Look at what surrounds you, what things, what jewelry and knickknacks. Look at them in the context of what events in your life they are associated with, how you feel when you look at these things, what memories come back and what these things bring to your life.

It’s time to let go of anything that triggers emotions you don’t want to experience.

Sometimes certain items stop pleasing us over time, but we keep them out of habit. It’s worth carefully analyzing what surrounds us from time to time, and regularly getting rid of what is no longer needed to make room for something new.

No. 6: Nature

Connect with nature, look at the sun, feel the wind on your body. Enjoy the beautiful plants, the flowers, and observe the sky.

Time after time you will see more and more beauty around you. And you will be surprised that you didn’t notice it all before.

Communicating with nature is an important step in the search for harmony in the soul.

No. 7: Find Something You Are Passionate About

Look for hobbies, topics that absorb you completely. It’s the kind of thing that makes you insanely happy, and the time with them flies unnoticed. It can be anything. And it’s especially good if you do it often.

Some people like to cook, some people like to read, and there are a lot of options. But sometimes people think it’s a waste of time. However, this is not the case, if we like to do something – we should do it. This is the path to contentment and happiness, and therefore to harmony in the soul.

If you don’t know what can make you so happy – write yourself a list of things you love to do, and don’t worry that your mind will “mock” your ideas. Then take the time to do each item on the list. All of this has several benefits:

  • First, it’s a way for you to figure out which activity is really your true passion.
  • Secondly, it’s a way to learn something new about yourself.

Finding harmony within yourself is difficult. You have to try hard and go for it. But once the balance is restored, you will feel real joy and satisfaction.

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